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Sounds Write


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The Sounds-Write training course offers four days of intensive training in phonics teaching to teachers, teaching assistants, educational psychologists, parents and speech therapists. Each course offers: 

  • a theoretical overview of the programme, which is soundly based on the principles underlying how children learn most effectively and explains why many of the approaches, current and past, to the teaching of reading, spelling and writing fail such a large number of our pupils 

  • a discussion of assessment for the purpose of informing our teaching practices and enabling teaching practitioners to accurately gauge where to start pupils in the programme for intervention purposes 

  • all the main lessons in our programme, with supervised practice on each one 

  • an introduction to teaching through errors, with practical workshops, lesson planning and reading in text 

  • videos of the programme being taught to a whole class, small groups and individually 

  • a discussion of the most popular reading schemes and how the Sounds-Write teaching approach can be used to enable children to read them successfully 

  • a guided assignment at the end of the course to help participants reflect on, organise and consolidate what has been covered in the course.

The next available course will be held in September. Book your place here:

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